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  Combines comfort with an harmonic original design.
MYLOVECHAIR chair designed especially for you as an ideal place for relaxation.
When we designed Mylovechair we thought not only in appearance and smooth lines but one ambiental.

      MYLOVECHAIR is giving you access to a world of sensations that so far you only dreamed about. Now you can try new sexual positions, discover new possibilities for sharing intimate moments with your partner, reach heights of satisfaction that you had no idea they even exist!

The curved shapes of MYLOVECHAIR design had to find and resolve the most important human body problems which is not only the back muscles but is your spine. Curved shapes of the chair were made following a professional stady and we find the perfect model which can be used be anybody regardless of age, body weight as fat.

More than that, MYLOVECHAIR is not only a sexual accessory. It´s shape, carefully studied for perfect ergonomics, will also offer you a complete relaxation for your spin that certainly deserve!

  Back pain is one of the main problems of adulthood - and a continuing source of inconvenience for many people. Importance of back pain consists in the fact that, at least once in life, we each feel the discomfort back.
  Most back pain is the result of spinal degeneration or damage, especially the intervertebrals discs.

 Is advisable to follow medical advice and follow a program of preventing back pain based on behavioral techniques, such as proper rest position of the spine and muscle relaxation.

 MYLOVECHAIR is specially designed to prevent and combat back pain:

 -Prevents your best back problems: sore throat, kidney or spine, releasing tension in muscles
 - Is the ideal choice for your posture correct.

 - Do not cause pressure points on your body, and can obtain necessary rest during relaxation.

 - Adapts perfectly to your body shape, ensuring your same level of pressure in different sections of the body.

 - Meets the highest standards of satisfaction.

 - Protective function (spinal cord protects against mechanical action);

 - Mobility function (the complexity of its construction gives the body an opportunity to move and to travel in space);

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