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LOVECHAIR is the ideal sexual accessory, meant to revolutionize your love life, and its design will allow you to integrate it into your home, no matter where, the pleasant curved shape inviting anyone to just sit and relax without really announcing out loud the LOVECHAIR`s purpose.

The carefully studied ergonomics of the chair, the quality of the materials and of the workmanship are making LOVECHAIR something that you would want to have in your house. It will help you rediscover your sexuality and to enjoy at the fullest the love you share with your partner. The intimate dialogue that LOVECHAIR allows you to have will transform a simple sexual intercourse into a very intense experience.

Sensual and sophisticated, LOVECHAIR offers to who is using it the occasion to explore the intimacy of lovemaking. It was created especially to facilitate sexual positions that a simple bed cannot allow. Even more, because of the way LOVECHAIR is supporting your body while making love, you’ll be able to really concentrate on the sensuality of that special moment.

LOVECHAIR - an experience you don’t want to miss!
Chair dimensions 170 X 50 X 70 cm
most of the materials that are used to make the LOVECHAIR are natural and/or environmental friendly LOVECHAIR was created and is assembled in Romania LOVECHAIR has a 5 years warranty

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